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Judging Amy Season 4 Episode 9

Judging Amy Season 4 Episode 9

Maxine and Jared move up their wedding date, to the consternation of their children; Peter’s plans for a classy bachelor party go awry, but the men manage to have a good time at a less highbrow establishment as they convince a greatly under-the-influence Bruce to call Zola and ask her for a date; Maxine’s hen party is much more sedate, but Maxine manages to work out an escape plan nonetheless; Amy presides over a hearing to determine if four teenage boys accused of drugging and raping a teenage girl should be tried as adults; after Charles announces that he’s quit his job, Jared is forced to return to China and reschedule the wedding, and Amy lets Charles know that it’s not in his best interest to interfere with Maxine’s happiness; Maxine’s efforts to keep Eric’s case in juvenile court are successful.

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Serie: Judging Amy


Guest Star: Blake Bashoff, Brandon Michael Vayda, Joyce Van Patten, Kathryne Dora Brown, Keone Young

Episode Title: Boys to Men

Air Date: 2002-11-26

Year: 2002